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Michigan Department of Treasury-Student Financial Services Bureau
It is never too early to start to prepare for college. Higher education is a lifetime investment and will help you meet your life goals. Part of getting there is having the financial help you might need to pay for college. The State of Michigan has been providing financial assistance programs for Michigan students since 1964 and has helped over three million students with roughly $4 billion in scholarship assistance to achieve their higher education goals.
The Student Financial Services Bureau is comprised of three divisions: Student Scholarships and Grants, 529 Savings Plans, and Student Loan Programs.
The mission of the Student Financial Services Bureau within the Michigan Department of Treasury is to excel in assisting citizens to pursue postsecondary education by providing equality of access to student financial resources and information. Through the administration of various student financial assistance programs, students receive the guidance and funding necessary to pursue their educational goals. Let us help you learn about affording college in Michigan! Please visit our website www.michigan.gov/mistudentaid or call us at 1-888-4-GRANTS (1-888-447-2687).