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Whatever you want to do with your life, education beyond high school can help you get there. A college degree or certificate will help you to secure a future of opportunity — from cool careers and improved salaries to unique experiences and greater life choices.

College In Colorado provides the information, tools and resources to help you explore careers and plan, apply and pay for education beyond high school. Everything we offer is TOTALLY FREE and much of the site is available in Spanish. Here are just a few of the interactive tools on the site:

Colorado ranks in the top five states nationwide for the greatest number of degree holders per capita, yet only one in five Colorado ninth-grade students will earn a college degree, ranking the state in the bottom quartile nationally. College In Colorado was initiated by the Department of Higher Education (DHE), which serves the citizens of the state of Colorado by promoting access to, affordability of, and success in higher education for all students. College In Colorado is charged with helping all Coloradans explore career and education pathways, break down barriers to postsecondary attainment, and create a plan for their postsecondary and workforce success. 

A cornerstone of the campaign, www.collegeincolorado.org, offers a one-stop resource to help students, parents and counselors plan, apply and pay for college.

The College In Colorado team reaches out to students, parents and educators through ongoing events and training opportunities, as well as providing practical tools to assist every student in Colorado in furthering their education past high school. Some of these free services include:

  • CollegeInColorado.org - the free, comprehensive Website dedicated to providing adults and students with everything they need to know about career exploration and planning, selecting high school courses, choosing and applying to colleges, obtaining financial aid and getting ready to take the SAT, ACT or GRE tests;
  • ICAP design seminars, half-day and full-day training sessions, plus single topic Webinars are offered to help educators, parents and others learn about the tools and resources available from College In Colorado and the Website. Let us know how we can help with your implementation - we have designed a series of free training seminars PDF icon to assist you with different stages of your ICAP development process or you can create your own training day; contact Linda.Fraser@cic.state.co.us;
  • Motivational speaker Lance Carl will talk with your students about the Umbrella of Success, which highlights seven traits of successful people. These traits have a common theme, centered on the importance of education, overcoming adversity and identifying a path to success. Visit Lance's blog at http://teamcic.blog.com New window icon and e-mail Lance.Carl@cic.state.co.us;
  • Information about and access to resources, programs and best practices on CICPartnerNetwork.org and through the growing statewide partnership. E-mail gully.stanford@cic.state.co.us;
  • Informational materials including brochures, posters, the College Guide and the Pre-Collegiate Directory. Use the re-order form PDF icon or e-mail GoToKits@cic.state.co.us;
  • Support and information to students and parents at back-to-school nights, parent nights, college fairs and other events. E-mail Misti.Ruthven@cic.state.co.us.

Additional information, materials and resources are available to educators on the For Professionals page and in the Professional Center

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This site is provided by College In Colorado and the Colorado Student Loan Program. Student loan guaranty agencies inform students and parents about their educational and financial aid opportunities. Assistance for the site is provided by the National Council of Higher Education Loan Programs (NCHELP).